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Signature Gallery - PEONY, Surabaya

What is SOHO?

SOHO (Small Office Home Office) is a concept of office building that can be used for living and/or working, granting users with ultimate comfort in both.

What kinds of business are suitable at AKR Signature Gallery?

A power system that uses its own meter allows the occupants to operate 24 hours a day. Therefore AKR Signature Gallery is suitable for all types of business such as: consultancy, doctor, clinic, pharmacy, travel agent, money changer, reflexology, digital printing, architect, notary, lawyer, graphic design, online business, storage, etc.

What are the payment methods for purchasing the units at AKR Signature Gallery?

The payment methods available are Hard Cash (full payment in a month), Smart Payment (cash in installments) and KPA. The payment procedures may change at any time. For more information, please contact our Marketing at (031) - 5012999.

What facilities are included in the purchase of units at AKR Signature Gallery?

SOHO units include high quality sanitary wares & fittings with shower, AC installation, water heater installation, TV installation, phone line, and clean water supply. For more information contact our Marketing at (031) - 5012999.

How much is the service charge?

Service charge will be determined by the Apartment Management, which will be appointed one year before the building is finished. The charged amount will depend on PLN’s electricity cost and PDAM’s water supply cost determined by the Indonesian government at that time.

What are the renovation procedures for my apartment / office?

Renovation is allowed after handover of units with applicable regulations (according to the House Rules) and supervision from Building Management.

How do I install billboards for my business?

There will be a sign pole outside the rented building.

Why isn't the phone directly installed? Why do we get only the phone line and have to pay for installation?

It is for the convenience of both sides. Having the phones installed before occupancy will lead to connection termination. Therefore, building management only provide phone lines that are inactive until the time of occupancy.

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