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5 Oktober 2015



Spectacular Beach-Themed Private Gathering for Residential Cluster Emery at GEM City

Berita | Oct 5, 2015

Surabaya, October 3rd 2015. After successfully launched GEM City a couple months ago with more than 600 units sold out, AKR Land proudly presents the next cluster of Grand Estate Marina City (GEM City), which is Cluster Emery.

Depsite a downward trend of the economy nowadays, customers had gathered at the Grand Ballroom at Sheraton Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya since afternoon eventhough the event only started on 3 pm. This showed a huge enthusiasm of the people of Surabaya towards GEM City, that have not changed since GEM City's first launching a couple months back.

The Private Gathering went spectacularly, eventhough there is a slight delay of waiting time. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially with a very nice design by our EO that made an enjoyable beach resort like holiday ambience, free Sour Sally & refreshments during the waiting time, and of course door prizes. After choosing their units, customers can enjoy an after-party events by the pool side with a DJ and dance performance, with free flow beers and food. It is surely a suitable way to celebrate the success of GEM City with our customers.

On this event, AKR Land launched Residential Cluster Emery with 260+ units, as a followup to previous launching of 4 Residential Clusters. Looking at the sales result of cluster Emery, AKR Land certainly is surprised and grateful to find out that eventhough the market is facing a downward trend these days, GEM City is still very appealing for Surabayan people. 

Spectacular Beach-Themed Private Gathering for Residential Cluster Emery at GEM City

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